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Chapter 5 Optional Problem Solutions E5-3. Information Item Report A,F (1) Summarized financial data for 5- or 10-year period. C (2) Initial announcement of quarterly earnings. B (3) Announcement of a change in auditors. D (4) Complete quarterly income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. A,F (5) The four basic financial statements for the year. E (6) Summarized income statement information for the quarter. F (7) Detailed discussion of the company’s competition. A,F (8) Notes to financial statements. A,F (9) A description of those responsible for the financial statements. C (10) Initial announcement of hiring of new vice president for sales. A. Annual Report B. Form 8-K C. Press Release D. Form 10-Q E. Quarterly Report F. Form 10-K G. None of the above E5-4. No. Title 6 Current liabilities 7 Long-term liabilities 2 Long-term investments 4 Intangible assets 3 Property, plant, and equipment 1 Current assets 9 Retained earnings 8 Contributed capital 5 Other noncurrent assets
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AP5-3. (a)
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Opt_Prob_Solutions_chap_5_Solutions - Chapter 5 Optional...

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