Practice_Prelim_2___Answer_Sheet before studying_Solutions

Practice_Prelim_2___Answer_Sheet before studying_Solutions...

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EXAM #_______________________ Financial Accounting Prof. David A. Dittman PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION 2 April 4, 2006 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. STUDENT NAME: _____________________________________ CUID NUMBER: __________________________ Academic integrity is expected of all students of Cornell University at all times, whether in the presence or absence of member of the faculty. Understanding this, I declare I have not given, used, or received unauthorized aid on this preliminary examination . Signature: ____________________________
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David A. Dittman Answer Sheet –Financial Accounting PRELIMINARY EXAM 2 – April 4, 2006 NAME ____________________________ A nswer Sheet – Prelim 2 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS (Each question is worth 1 point. Please X the one you believe to be true. 1. T F 2. T F 3. T F 4. T F 5. T F 6. T F 7. T F 8. T F 9. T F 10. T F 11. T F 12. T F 13. T F 14. T F 15. T F EXTRA CREDIT (1 point each) 1. A B C D E 2. A B C D E 3. A B C D E 4. A B C D E 5. A B C D E 6. A B C D E 7. A B C D
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Practice_Prelim_2___Answer_Sheet before studying_Solutions...

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