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AEM 323 -- Spring Term 2007 Final AEM 323 Managerial Accounting Spring Term 2007 General Information : Staff Room Phone E-mail Instructor : Jack Little, CPA 450 Warren 255-8047 jel52 Administrative Assistant : Pam Staub 103 Warren 255-7827 pjw4 Administrative TA : Liz Yum 47 Warren eyy4 TAs: Gillian Casten 47 Warren gac34 Zach Halpern 47 Warren zlh2 Max Henderson 47 Warren mwh33 Matt Jiang 47 Warren yj34 Liz Miller 47 Warren egm22 Dennis Shen 47 Warren dys6 Amanda Smith 47 Warren aps43 Course Web Site : Lectures : Monday and Wednesday, 2:30 pm – 3:20 p.m.; Kennedy Hall Auditorium Sections : You must attend your registered section. Sec # Day/Time Location SEC 01 W 7:30-9:25 pm WN 245 SEC 02 W 7:30-9:25 pm WN 145 SEC 03 R 10:10-12:05 pm SK 204 SEC 04 R 10:10-12:05 pm WN 245 SEC 05 R 12:20-2:15 pm KN 103 SEC 06 R 12:20-2:15 pm WN 245 SEC 07 R 2:30-4:25 pm KN 105 SEC 08 R 2:30-4:25 pm KN 103 SEC 09 F 10:10-12:05 pm PS G37 SEC 11 F 12:20-2:15 pm WN 201
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AEM 323 -- Spring Term 2007 Final Version 2 Building codes : WN = Warren Hall; KN = Kennedy Hall; PS = Plant Science; Stocking Hall Prerequisites : AEM 221 (Financial Accounting) or equivalent. Course Materials : Required Text: Course Lecture Packet Required Calculator: Non-graphing, non-financial, non-programmable calculators will be permitted for the exams. It is recommended that you bring your calculator to lecture and to section so that you may do the in-lecture and in-section problems. Please be aware that during exams proctors are instructed to confiscate calculators that do not meet the above specifications. One copy of the text and the study guide will be available on reserve at Mann Library. Objectives of the Course : This course provides an introduction to accounting techniques used by internal company managers when they are faced with planning, directing, controlling, and decision-making activities in their organizations. Accounting information can be used to identify and analyze alternatives and to guide the manager to a course of action that will yield the greatest benefit to the company. While the major emphasis in financial accounting is on the accumulation and presentation of accounting data to external decision makers, the emphasis in managerial accounting is on the presentation and analysis of that data by internal decision makers. The objective of this Managerial Accounting course is to familiarize you with the requisite technical skills for problem solving; for example, determining unit product costs, measuring production process costs, budgeting, performance reporting, allocating resources efficiently within the firm, and maximizing profits while maintaining the ability to meet long-term goals. As managers, you will need to identify the relevant information, the appropriate method for
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SyllabusAEM323Spring2007_Syllabus - AEM 323 Spring Term...

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