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Test #:_________ Version # 1KEY AEM323 Managerial Accounting Spring 2005 – Prelim #1 February 22, 2005 Name: TA: Section: Sec # Day/Time Location SEC 01 W 7:30-9:25 WN 360 SEC 02 W 7:30-9:25 WN 260 SEC 03 R 10:10-12:05 WN 131 SEC 04 R 10:10-12:05 WN 231 SEC 05 R 12:20-2:15 MT 253 SEC 06 R 12:20-2:15 WN 131 Sec # Day/Time Location SEC 07 R 2:30-4:25 WN 131 SEC 08 R 2:30-4:25 CK B105 SEC 09 F 10:10-12:05 PS G37 SEC 10 F 10:10-12:05 KN 213 SEC 11 F 12:20-2:15 WN 201 SEC 12 F 12:20-2:15 WN 260 General Instructions : 1. This is a 100 point exam. You have approximately 120 minutes. Budget your time accordingly. This includes time required to transfer your answers to the optical scanning sheet. No extra time will be allowed. 2. YOU MUST USE A #2 PENCIL ON THE OPTICAL SCANNING SHEET. The scanner does NOT read blue or black ink. 3. The only materials to be used while taking this exam are writing materials and non-financial, non-graphing, non-programmable calculators. 4. It is an act of academic dishonesty to give or receive information about this examination either before or during the examination. 5. Your exam has 15 pages. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all pages to the exam. 6. There is no partial credit on question 1. You must show your work on the remaining questions to be eligible for credit (partial or full). Question 1 – Multiple Choice 46 points Question 2 – Cost of Goods Sold and Cost of Goods Mfd 17 points Question 3 – Disposal of Overhead 3 points Question 4 – Overhead Calculation 3 points Question 5 – Overhead Calculation 2 points Question 6 – Process Costing 16 points Question 7 – Journal Entries for Job Order Costing 13 points Total 100 points ______ Page 1 of 18
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Test #:_________ Question 1 – Multiple Choice (46 points) Select the best answer choice. Each question is worth 2 points. There is no partial credit. Please be sure to fill in your answers on the optical scanning sheet using a #2 pencil. 1. Which of the following would most likely not be included as manufacturing overhead in a furniture factory? A) Glue in a chair. B) The amount paid to the individual who stains a chair. C) The workman's compensation insurance of the supervisor who oversees production. D) The factory utilities of the department in which production takes place. 2. The property taxes on the factory building for a manufacturer would be an example of: Prime Cost Conversion Cost
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