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OUTLINE GRADE SHEET: ACTUATE OR POLICY SPEECH Your Outline is 30% of your speech grade. Speeches must use some type of problem/solution format. If not, speech must be redone. (Motivated sequence is the most common organizational pattern.) -3 Each day late -3 Not typed (return for redo) -3 If redo is late (-3 for each day late) Topic Choice -3 Topic too broad / or too much information -3 Focus is not a speech of policy or to actuate -3 Topic / material not appropriate for audience +2 Specific topic is a clear proposition to influence audience behavior/attitude +2 Central idea is clearly stated (summarizes main points) Intro +1 Gets attention +1 +1 Specifically states purpose +1 Previews main points Body +3 Each main point is clearly stated (between 2 - 4 main points) +3 Each main point is relevant to purpose +3 Transitions are clearly stated
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Unformatted text preview: +3 Speech establishes a need and offers a solution +2 Sub-points support main point and are clearly organized +2 Speech has 5 correctly cited citations-1 Speech does not invite visualization-3 Organization of speech overall needs work-3 Content not appropriate for level of audience interest and knowledge-3 Content too complex, too simple, too subjective, or too dry* * We encourage the use of examples, personal experience, visual aids, stories, case histories, and/or testimony to add color to your speech. Relate to the audience and make us care about your topic. Show us you care! Conclusion +1 Conclusion summarizes +1 Restates purpose +1 Comes to a natural ending / final call for action (psychological closure) -1 Too long or too short Bibliography +3 At least 5 sources in proper citation format -3 Bogus sources-3 More than 1 Web source...
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