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INTRO : To be or not to be…Assisted suicide! Also known as voluntary euthanasia creates a highly charged discussion, both for and against, almost every time it’s brought up in conversation. And deservingly too, it is a topic that deserves much attention. As a man growing up in a family full of individuals in the medical community and as an operating room intern, I have spent many hours in hospitals. I have been acquainted with three cases of patients demanding euthanasia, prompting me to research the laws regarding the matter. Throughout my endeavors to familiarize myself with the matter I have come to strongly believe in the legalization of voluntary euthanasia. And I will now attempt to convince you that euthanasia should be legal. The legalization of voluntary euthanasia in the U.S. would greatly decrease the financial burdens of families paying for the expensive medical treatments needed to keep a patient alive, it would allow the medical equipment, drugs, and expertise to be used for patients that need and desire them, as well as grant citizens their basic right to choose (may it be to live or to die). I plan to make you realize the need for
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Convince note cards_Notes - INTRO To be or not to...

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