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SPEECH TO CONVINCE OUTLINE GRADING SHEET * Any outline returned for resubmission is limited to a maximum score of 25. PROMPTNESS/NEATNESS 1. Was outline on time? (-3 if late) 2. Was outline neatly typed? (If not, return. If re-draft is late, -3) TOPIC CHOICE 1. Is speech topic too broad (e.g., an “all about”)? (-3) 2. Is the speech persuasive? (-3 and return outline for new angle) 3. Is the speech a “how-to?” (-3 and return outline for new angle) 4. Is the speech topic trivial? (-5) 5. Is topic irrelevant or unrelatable to audience? (-5) SUBJECT AND PURPOSE STATEMENTS (5 POINTS) 1. Is a general subject identified? (+1) 2. Is a specific subject identified which matches the actual content (+1) 3. Is the specific purpos e correctly stated; does it match the speech? (+ 1) 4. Is the central idea correctly and clearly stated (one sentence with phrases or clauses that refer to the three main points; i.e. , a thesis)? (+2) INTRODUCTION (5 POINTS) 1. Does intro focus attention on topic rapidly, smoothly, interestingly? (+1)
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