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Half finished buildings can be a lot of fun to mess around in at night. There is a boatload of construction tools to take, tons of places to explore, and a lot of great opportunities to create mischief. Since the building is unfinished, security systems, hell even door locks may have not been added yet. So getting in is as easy as opening a door (or walking through the doorway if there isn’t even a door yet. My friend moved to a new house in the suburbs, and nearby him was a building in the beginning stages of being built. It had no security to begin with. ..but after we went there multiple times they hired a security guard, and we barely got away. (Ironically, the place became a home security center when it was finished). Anyway, myself, and two friends were the ones who broke in and entered. Now here’s what you do: you first have to find a building under construction. The bigger and more complex, the better. Be sure it isn’t so big that there would be 24 hour surveillance teams guarding it. During dusk, after the workers leave, go scout the place . Try not to attract any attention. Figure out some escape routes; try to find some good hiding places. When you’re done with that, go home and prepare . How much thievery, mischief, and destruction you are going to do should tell you how hardcore you should go when it comes to wearing sneaking suits and bringing night vision. A quick rule of
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entertainment speech_Notes - Half finished buildings can be...

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