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how to speech_Notes - the ball • You approach the ball...

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Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Baggio, Maradonna, Ronaldo, Zidane, Pele… Now I realize we live in the US where soccer is not a the most popular of sports. However, we have all heard at least one of those names in our lifetimes. These men have all become legendary icons throughout the world by mastering the art of soccer. These men’s single objective in the game is to introduce the soccer ball to the back of the net. An essential part of achieving this “goal” is to have a flawless kick. I have played soccer ever since I can remember. I have played for club teams and school teams. I have played on dirt, asphalt, and grass. I have played with leather balls and I have played with plastic balls. I will now try to convey onto you my years of trying to perfect the kicking of a soccer ball. Body position plays an important role in kicking. Whether you are kicking with the outside, inside, or even the top of your foot. Your body should always be perpendicular to the ground when your foot greets
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Unformatted text preview: the ball. • You approach the ball and place your supporting foot alongside the ball. • Keep your head down to prevent you from leaning back and sending the ball to the sky. • You then take your leg back as far as you can while keeping your knee slightly bent in order to gain momentum. • Proceed to hit the ball with one of the aforementioned spots of your foot depending on whether you want on inside curve, an outside curve, or just blunt force (in which case you would use the top of your foot for a straight shot). • You must then follow through so that the ball spins as little as possible while traveling through the air, giving your greater accuracy. • If you keep your body perpendicular to the ground, keep your head down, place your supporting foot alongside the ball, keep you knee bent, and follow through. • You should soon be able to have a south American sports announcer cheer for your goooooool!!!!!!!!...
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