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SPEECH OUTLINE--INFORMATIVE SPEECH (REVISED) Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh SUBJECT: 1. The life of Mohammad Mossadegh. 2. Dr. Mossadegh’s ideals and activities as a politician, as well as his downfall. PURPOSE: To inform the audience of the works of a great historic figure and understand his significant influence on the Iranian nation through the explanation of his time as a prime minister, his nationalization of Iranian oil, and the CIA coup that overthrew him. MAIN POINTS: I. Mossadegh was named the prime minister of Iran by the Iranian Parliament. II. He nationalized oil and gave the Iranian people a chance to reap the benefits of their number one exported natural resource. III. AJAX was the CIA coup operation that ousted the prime minister and place the good doctor under house arrest in his home village of Ahmad Abad. CENTRAL IDEA: Dr. Mossadegh was a great politician whose sole mission was to better the lives of the Iranian population by creating an independent democratic state through the nationalization of the country’s oil sources, but was unsuccessful due to a British / United States governmentally funded CIA orchestrated coup.
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INTRODUCTION Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh is one of the greatest Iranian heroes, deserving of as much recognition as humanly possible for his attempts to enrich the lives of the Iranian people. As an Iranian-born individual I grew up only hearing whispers of this man’s great contributions to Iran due to an oppressive government. However, I have read many books and researched the life of the good doctor extensively. I will try and briefly summarize the events that took place at the height of this politician’s career. I will explain how he became the prime minister of Iran, his efforts to nationalize Iran’s oil sources, as well as
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