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INTRODUCTION: Abortion, the termination of pregnancy by removing of an embryo or a fetus, legalized in the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe Vs. Wade. This historical case concluded that laws against abortion are in violatation of our constitutional right to privacy. The decision became one of the most controversial decisions in the U.S. Supreme Court’s history. Whatever one thinks of the decision, the law as of today is constructed in such a way that if a woman were to desire to abort her fetus, she may do so without consulting with the owner of the sperm used to fertilize her egg. Heck, I was almost aborted as a fetus myself some two decades ago, which got me thinking about the rights my father had at the time of that discussion. As potential future fathers men should want to be able to have some sort of say in the abortion decision-making process. Today, if a man wants his child to be born and the woman does not, the man has to suffer the pain. Today, if a man does not want his child to be born but the woman does, the man has to suffer financially. And finally today, I can tell you that the only way to change all this injustice is for every man to stop paying child support and make his voice heard. MAIN POINT I: If a man wants his child to be born yet the woman wants an abortion, the man cannot legally stop her and must suffer through the demise of his child. A. Kathryn Jean Lopez, a writer for the National Review, states in her article titled “We Deserve Better than Roe” that men “want that beautiful life, no sting attached.” 1. However, she never even once mentions the fact that women have the right to have an abortion. Are there no women that have abortions in order to keep their lives simpler? B. As a contributing editor at Reason magazine, Cathy Young addressed this issue in her article “The Entrapments of Unwanted Pregnancies” when she quoted Kevin Burke, associate director of Rachel’s Vineyard (a post abortion healing ministry), as saying "beneath the detached exterior, men often are suffering from their participation in abortion, and grieve the loss of their children." 1. John Tierney form The New York Times, in his article simply titled ”Men’s
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note cards_Notes - INTRODUCTION: Abortion, the termination...

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