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Abortion Rights…For Men? Abortion, the termination of pregnancy by removing of an embryo or a fetus, legalized in the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe Vs. Wade. This historical case concluded that laws against abortion are in violatation of our constitutional right to privacy. The decision became one of the most controversial decisions in the U.S. Supreme Court’s history. Whatever one thinks of the decision, the law as of today is constructed in such a way that if a woman were to desire to abort her fetus, she may do so without consulting with the owner of the sperm used to fertilize her egg. The abortion law has always been under attack by religious conservative masses of this country. There is yet another controversy surrounding this law related to the rights of the father of the child, which he may or may not desire his partner to have aborted. Men today have no say in whether a fetus is to be aborted or not, the decision solely belongs to the female “housing” the fetus. If there is no disagreement between the two parents regarding the decision, there is no problem. Yet, if there is a disagreement, no matter what the outcome turns out to be, the man will either hurt financially or worse, emotionally. If the man does want an abortion but the woman does not, the child in question will be born and the father is required by law to pay monthly child support out of his earnings until the child is of legal age. One the other hand, if the man wants his child to be born but the woman wants an abortion, the man cannot legally stop her and must suffer through the demise of his child. In my opinion men should have some legal say in the matter, whether it be the power to stop a woman from aborting the fetus, making her abort the fetus, or not
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being obligated to pay child support if the woman decides to give birth to the child. A lawsuit has been filed by the National Center for Men in a United States district court in Michigan on behalf of a man’s right to make reproductive choices, or to decline fatherhood in the event of an unintentional pregnancy. This lawsuit is known across the U.S. as Roe vs. Wade for men. It is a small step towards gender equality in the matter of abortion. As a contributing editor at Reason magazine, Cathy Young addressed this issue in her article “The Entrapments of Unwanted Pregnancies” for the Boston Globe on March 20 th , 2006. She seems to have strong views on the situation. Ms. Young firmly believes that a man should not in any way be able to “abandon” his responsibilities as a father of an unwanted child, and should be held financially accountable (Para. 5). Young argues that “if you (the father) don't want to support a child, use birth control or keep your pants zipped” (Para. 3). She further states, “The ‘equal protection’ argument is complicated by the fact that men and women are not biologically equal with regards to reproduction” (Para. 4). She makes claims that seem to be the same as those that are against abortion in all cases
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persuasive speech_Essay - Abortion RightsFor Men Abortion...

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