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ROUND REPORT FORM NAME: SPEECH: How-to Look over the audience feedback you received, listen to your tape, and remember what you were feeling as you actually gave the speech. Then answer the questions below and return this sheet to your TA. By filling out this sheet you can help yourself and us to summarize both your strengths and the areas you need to work on. 1. What do you remember feeling or noticing as you gave the speech? (e.g., Did it seem like your were speaking fast, slowly, getting lost, having a good time, etc.?) What were you aware of during the speech itself? I remember speaking very fast, especially through the beginning of the speech where I listed the names of many soccer legends. I did get lost a few times throughout the speech and had to look closely to my note-cards to find my spot. I was fully aware of my nervousness throughout the speech, which only intensified when I realized that I had forgotten to take off my hat. This led to me forgetting to demonstrate the follow through action after striking the soccer ball. Knowing that led to
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