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Comm 201 Title: Feminism: Make it Yours. General Subject: Feminism Specific Subject: Modern feminism and how it relates to the audience Specific Purpose: To move the audience to adopt a feminist philosophy. Central Idea: Feminism has many misconceptions surrounding it, and because of this, many people, even women, fear “the ‘f’ word”, further contributing to the bad reputation of those women who declare themselves feminists. I wish to persuade the audience to develop their own definition of feminism and contribute to the feminist movement in their own way. Main Points: I. Feminism has many, many meanings, and what people traditionally think of when they think of feminism is, in fact, only one variety of feminism, and a small one, at that. II. Women have been historically oppressed, and, while conditions are improving, there is still more that can and should be done to improve conditions for women, not only here in the USA, but also abroad. III. By adopting a feminist philosophy, and contributing to the feminist movement, you will be assisting in correcting centuries of wrongs perpetrated against women everywhere. Introduction: What do you think of when you think of Feminism? If you’re like many of my friends, both male and female, the image that comes to mind is one of militant man-hating women burning their bras and bashing men. I, too, was once one of those women who cringed when she heard the “ ‘f’ word”. I didn’t want to be associated with such militant feminists as Valerie Solanas, author of the infamous SCUM Manifesto, which promotes the complete destruction of the male sex. The term “feminism” has come to be disdained in today’s society. Any woman expressing a view deviant from that of right-wing conservatism runs the risk of being dismissed as a “militant feminist”. In an article in the Cornell Review, published April 22, 2002, women supporters of feminism are repeatedly denounced as “militant lesbians”, and “feminazis”, and feminism itself is said to espouse “egoism, hatred for men, and sexual promiscuity”. While this article and others like it found in Cornell’s Republican newspaper are obviously an extreme example of the negativity associated with feminism today, the feminist movement continues to suffer because of similar misconceptions. Today, I’d like to first explain to you what feminism is, including the different definitions of feminism and the different types of feminism. Then, I’d
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SampleA-2_Notes - Comm 201 Title: Feminism: Make it Yours....

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