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SPEECH OUTLINE--ACTUATE SPEECH Name: Instructor/section: Toni Russo/Sec 32 Title of speech: Healthy Hands SUBJECT : Hand washing 1. General subject : Hand washing 2. Specific subject : Problems associated with dirty hands, and the simple solution to the problem. PURPOSE : I want to motivate the audience to wash their hands properly and more often. MAIN POINTS : I. Having dirty hands is not only disgusting, but it also poses several serious health risks. II. There is a simple solution to these problems…wash your hands correctly and more often. CENTRAL IDEA: Most people don’t wash their hands often enough. This causes the transfer of germs, and ultimately, it causes us to get sick. Thus, washing your hands the right way and more frequently can prevent illnesses and keep you clean and healthy. INTRODUCTION To start, I’d like everyone to turn and shake hands with the person sitting next to you. Now, shake my hand (approach someone in the audience.) I just went to the bathroom, but I didn’t wash my hands. Of course your initial reaction to this is “Eww!! Gross!” But… don’t feel bad, because according to the Center for Disease Control in 2000, about 7 out of the 21 people sitting in this very room have recently left the bathroom without washing their hands either. So now that we’ve all just transferred millions of germs to each other, I’m sure you’d agree that washing your hands as soon as possible is probably a good idea. Think of everything you touch on a typical day…door knobs, money, other people’s hands… our hands are filthy. They’re covered with germs and bacteria, yet we seem to have no problem putting our fingers in our mouths, and touching our noses and eyes, or even picking up food and eating it without washing our hands. Not only is this extremely disgusting, but it literally makes us sick. For 4 years in high school, I volunteered at a hospital where hand washing was strictly
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