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case 1 questions 3 and 4_Solutions

case 1 questions 3 and 4_Solutions - 3.. .Thisisdemo

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3. Evaluate the current portfolio. What seem to be the areas of successful investment? What should be the strategy for investment and investment management in the future? Investments made in the food and beverage markets seem to have excellent potential as well as current returns. This is demonstrated in companies such as Bacon, Ltd., which has a promising future with the new equipments, as well as Constanra-Plus that focuses more in the supermarket industry. Kyiv Tea’s strong showing as the only local packaging company for imported fine tea is another example of the potential success in the industry. The last of the category to be mentioned is MDMT F&D, which is a powerhouse in food and beverage distribution. This company is also involved in real estate that happens to be another area in which the Ukraine Fund has seen great results. Real estate and construction show a very promising future. Companies such as Nail, Ltd.
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