ClaflinAssignment_ProblemSet - 3. Evaluate the current...

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Claflin-Ukraine Fund 1995 Case Assignment-1 "The assignment is to answer in a coherent manner the following questions. The answers should be relatively concise, but complete enough to answer the questions. 1. Describe the Fund's venture capital model/approach for investing working with the companies invested in and earning resources. Evaluate the approach. Is it viable? 2. Should Claflin have accepted Government investment or entered into a joint venture with a development bank or similar organization? Why or why not?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Evaluate the current portfolio. What seem to be the areas of successful investment? What should be the strategy for investment and investment management in the future? Claflin Case Assignment Contd- 2 4. What are the key considerations for moving forward now? 5. What is your strategy for: a) Portfolio management b) Responsibilities of Kiev and Boston offices and specific relevant people c) Staffing in Kiev d) Salaries and expenditures in Kiev and Boston e) sharing the carry"...
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ClaflinAssignment_ProblemSet - 3. Evaluate the current...

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