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JOHNSON GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Cornell University NBA 593—International Entrepreneurship Course Syllabus1 for Spring 2007 Professor: Melvin H Goldman email: Office hours in Sage 210 Description of the Course This half-semester course will examine entrepreneurial startups and activities and venture capital outside of the US. The course will review the status of entrepreneurial and venture capital activity across the globe. Sessions will examine the constraints to entrepreneurs and the ways in which they obtain financing. The course will look at cases of successful entrepreneurs under the most difficult circumstances. In addition to common issues related to starting a business and investing in it, the class will address issues not normally on the radar screen of US entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The course will draw on the experience of investors and entrepreneurs, cases prepared especially for this course, as well as findings reported in the research literature. This course is meant to be in part a practical guide to students who wish to be entrepreneurs outside the US or to create cross border businesses. The course may also be of interest to people working in entrepreneurial environments in other organizations or students who want to get involved in various forms of financing entrepreneurial ventures. Students may use the course to explore development of a business concept or plan outside the US. The course will focus on particular countries and regions of the world. Asian countries will be a major source of examples. The class will be exposed through a case, or a close examination of a particular company or fund to the development of successful new enterprises and Venture Capital (VC) in selected countries. We are fortunate to have a few guest lecturer-practitioners providing experience across different regions of the world. A central focus of the course explores the underlying country conditions for entrepreneurship and VC to thrive, and to develop a feel for how to adjust their business or financing models to work under those conditions. The course will also examine key issues related to the success of VC including if and how government may have a role in stimulating the development of VC. The course will also address the nitty-gritty issues of valuing young and private firms sharing profits, raising resources, and organizing and managing human resources. Course Evaluation
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