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NBA 593: International Entrepreneurship: Project Proposal The Project The project will be to complete a business plan with an international dimension. There will be specific focus on the Plan of Operations, The Customer / Market Analysis and a Start-Up Timeline. The Business Alas, Inc. is a business to supply low-cost labor solutions to the United States agricultural industry. By utilizing the H2-a temporary visa program Alas, Inc. intends on recruiting workers from Mexico and providing them for legal employment within domestic agriculture. As a background, at current there are over ten million illegal aliens in the U.S. [INS, 2006] and this figure increases yearly. There is also a current shortage of willing domestic U.S. workers to fill jobs in traditional primary industries such as agriculture. For this reason there is high demand for cost-effective temporary labor – this is what Alas
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Unformatted text preview: Inc. plans on providing. The intention is to solve the dual issues of both illegal immigration and also the lacking labor force for the U.S. agricultural industry. For every H-2a worker successfully placed under employment with a U.S. firm our business receives a direct commission. The business will continue to generate revenues if workers are reallocated through the same scheme. This is made possible due to the fact that H-2a visas are short-termed, lasting for no longer than 9 months from the start of employment in the U.S. In essence Alas Inc. will provide the link between the U.S. agricultural industry that requires low-cost labor and the non-immigrant H-2a workers in search of gainful employment....
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