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Competition_Notes - Competition There are many companies...

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Competition: There are many companies that are competing in the original form of our market. Examples of companies with large market capitalization (as of November) are: 1. SAP AG – the most well known name in business software solutions industry with a market capitalization of 61.97 billion (USD). The company develops, markets, and vends a variety of softwares. With an impressive portfolio, and revenue from sales and licensing of software, maintenance, consulting, development, and training. 2. Intuit Inc. – with a market capital of 9.73 billion, the company pursues acquisition of smaller companies with a concentration on small and medium sized business solutions. Their flagship softwares aim towards payroll and management processing, personal finance and so forth. 3. Epicor Software Corporation – develops enterprise software solutions for mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of larger companies. It aims towards industry solutions that possess vertical layouts of markets and operations.
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