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Sales and Marketing Strategy will provide many unique services along with a variety of software products. In order to satisfy our target market of small businesses, namely financial businesses, and other office professionals, we will offer office productivity software. We will couple this with our unique services that will allow customers to have a social network for acquiring custom software. In order to obtain a high profile in the internet software community we will notify the local chambers of commerce and inform them on the benefits that our product provides. Through this medium we will reach the governmental portion of our target market, which could potentially prove to be a large future market for our business. In addition, by providing quality products and services for our customers in these local
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Unformatted text preview: areas, we will enjoy positive growth in the private portion of our target market through increased brand recognition. Furthermore, we will advance our market share by offering first time customers free trial software which will entice further consumption of our products and services. Offering free software will incur losses; however, we will be able to protect ourselves from insolvency by establishing superior customer relationship management. The ease in acquiring software from our site along with our ability to offer our customers custom software through our online community will entice sufficient positive feedback that will offset these initial losses....
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