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Section I- The Business_Essay

Section I- The Business_Essay - SoftwareDirect.com SECTION...

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SoftwareDirect.com SECTION I: THE BUSINESS SECTION I: THE BUSINESS A. Description of Business SoftwareDirect.com will be a company that takes advantage of a significant market opportunity presented by utilizing the direct downloading capabilities of the Internet with our consulting and marketing skills to sell custom made software products developed by private and company-based software developers. We will be extending these services to small businesses and individuals in the form of discount packages that are ready to be directly downloaded to their computer of choice. Such a service would allow the customers to minimized their costs as well as the time spent waiting for the delivery of such packages. But, Our Company is unique because of the social networking service that we provide. This plat- form will allow direct contact between the end-users and developers alike, so that specific de- mands be voiced, lobbies be formed, and both ends may have a comfortable online experience. Our team is responsible for checking software solutions for legality, security and quality. After SoftwareDirect’s approval, the software will then be made available at a price agreed upon, both, by our company and the developers. The company is based in Ithaca, NY and is the brainchild of Cornell University students: Sina Rahimibasir, Jonathan C. Yale, and Hamzah Sikander. It should be kept in mind that Software- Direct.com can have no affiliation with Cornell University, and not utilize any of Cornell’s re- sources or assistance. B. Market SoftwareDirect has to analyze two aspects of the market: the industry growth of application soft- ware, and online communities (such as Facebook and MySpace – represented by Internet soft- ware & services), and Internet retail. In the graphs below, the growth of all the industries in the previous has been more than promising, and is not expected to plateau. 3
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SoftwareDirect.com SECTION I: THE BUSINESS Industry profile: Stock Performance of respective industries (courtesy: S&P, GICS 2007) According to Standard & Poor’s Industry report, Application software is currently a $109.6 bil- lion industry, and is expected to reach $154.4 billion by 2011 (7.1% growth rate). The Internet Software & Services industry spending (revenue) is expected to grow up to $903 billion by 2011 (at 6.7% per annum). IT services are expected to grow at an average rate 5% through 2011. Cur- rent US online retail (2006) is $132.1 billion, and is expected to rise to $271.1 billion by 2011 (15% growth per annum). The overall industry looks very promising. Industry and Market Trends: We are concerned with the following trends to complement our keys to success: Online shopping is easier, convenient and flexible. High growth in online communities and networking. Increase internet penetration.
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Section I- The Business_Essay - SoftwareDirect.com SECTION...

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