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Section_I-_The_Business_Essay - SoftwareDirect.com SECTION...

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SoftwareDirect.com SECTION I: THE BUSINESS SECTION I: THE BUSINESS A. Description of Business SoftwareDirect.com will be a company that takes advantage of a significant market opportunity presented by combining the direct downloading capabilities of the Internet with custom made software products developed by private and company-based software developers. We will be ex- tending these services to small businesses and individuals in the form of discount packages that are ready to be directly downloaded. This service will allow customers to minimize their costs as well as the time spent waiting for the delivery of such packages. Our Company website format is unique because of the social networking service we provide as part of our service. This platform will allow direct contact between the end-users and developers so that specific demands can be voiced, lobbies can be formed, productive communication be achieved, and both ends may have a comfortable online experience. Our team is responsible for checking software solutions for legality, security, and quality. After Software Direct’s approval, the software will then be made available at a price agreed upon by our company and the de- velopers. The company is based in Ithaca, NY and is the brainchild of Cornell University students: Sina Rahimbasir, Jonathan C. Yale, and Hamzah Sikander. It should be kept in mind that Software- Direct.com can have no affiliation with Cornell University, and does not utilize any of Cornell’s resources or assistance. B. Market SoftwareDirect.com will enter the Internet downloading market, which has been growing rapidly in the past decade. We plan to open a new niche market by allowing the customers to ask for cus- tomized software products with custom sales packages. Although the average software develop- ment pipeline is 6-18 months, we improve communication to synchronize supply and demand to benefit all parties. Also, the current download market is focused mainly on entertainment products such as movies, music, and video games. But, we will enter the slightly less attended 1
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SoftwareDirect.com SECTION I: THE BUSINESS software market of financing, business and management tools. This market is growing, will boom over the next decade, and our goal is to provide software to facilitate this boom. There are currently a small number of websites that offer a variety of direct software downloads, and many more websites have this capability for specific products. SoftwareDirect will utilize its customized software and social networking space to differentiate itself. Also, we remain open to the possibility of aiming towards the international market as we continue to grow. C. Products and Services SoftwareDirect provides the following products and services: Portfolio of Business softwares (Finance & Management tools) Online community for small businesses and software developers Customer service for small businesses seeking software Consulting services for software companies that ensures competitive pricing quotes
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Section_I-_The_Business_Essay - SoftwareDirect.com SECTION...

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