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Technology,_Products, Services_Essay

Technology,_Products, Services_Essay - Products and...

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Products and Services -Portfolio of Business softwares (small business) -Online community for small businesses and software developers. -Customer services for small businesses for software selection -Consulting services for software companies for quality and competitive pricing quote. -Advertising space and applications for automatic blogging. Portfolio of Business software: SoftwareDirect.com combines the unique quality control of our team with the comfortable experience of online communities. Our quality approved portfolio of softwares include home and business financing softwares, leasing softwares, macros etc. with our specialized sales packages will cater to any small business owner's need at their own pace of comfort. It should be kept in mind that browsing through SoftwareDirect.com is absolutely free. To avoid leechers and spam bots, we intend to screen through subscribers via email domain screening. Online community for small businesses and software developers: It is often a concern for users of online communities to have a lack of comfort due to poor content, excessive advertising or other intimidating users. Our quality control ensures the best experience. Our online community has a variety of benefits for users and developers: -Adds comfort to online experience by seeing other buyers and developers. -Allows for more dynamic feedback for old and new products from users. -Improves trust between buyer and seller. -Gives greater opportunity to all parties to improve relations with other parties.
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