Bullard houses buyers (negotiation # 3)_Essay

Bullard houses buyers (negotiation # 3)_Essay - go over the...

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NBA 666-The Bullard Houses September 24, 2007 Overall I think you guys did a great job. You had a plan set, and executed it with complete coordination between the team members. You were all on the same page. You guys also did a great job hiding your true motives of what you wanted to do with the land. You stayed firm and didn’t give us much to work with. I also liked the way you handled my many attempts to get an impasse in the negotiation. I tried to threaten your team with the impasse on a few occasions, and you guys gave up just enough every time to get me back into the negotiation. I did however become a little skeptical when you guys tried to hide you true motives. I felt as though you guys tried a bit too hard. The response was a bit harsh when I brought up the subject of your client’s future plans for the land. The tone used, specially by Greg, was the main reason why I thought I could push your offer higher. You guys did
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Unformatted text preview: go over the budget that you were allowed to spend, which could be a good and a bad thing at the same time. It was a good thing because for a relatively low price your clients were able to purchase the land. It could however pose a problem with your clients in a real world negotiation. And again, as the professor mentioned in class, your statement that you had no idea what the clients were going to do with the property could legally void the contract and bring about a lawsuit for your organization. Honest mistake that Im sure you guys will hopefully try to avoid in future negotiations now that you have this information. Again as I stated before you guys did a great job as whole, and worked great as team. I also think that we got the raw end of the deal. Have an awesome week....
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Bullard houses buyers (negotiation # 3)_Essay - go over the...

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