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Debriefing paper 1_Essay

Debriefing paper 1_Essay - NBA 666 SEC 3 NBA Player...

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NBA 666 SEC 3 September 23, 2007 NBA Player Debriefing I chose the first negotiation exercise we partook in due to the fact that the parties involved had the least amount of experience in the art of negotiation at that point in time. This gave them a lot more room to improvise as well as created a more real life situation. This is based on the assumption that most individuals who enter into a negotiation have had no formal training in the subject. During the course of this negotiation there were lots of information that were being divulged in a random fashion, information that according to “Essentials of Negotiation” did not have to be revealed. There was much talk about the feelings that C.J. had towards the team and not much talk of actual facts. This made the negotiations frustrating to a certain extent since there was no way of knowing how much of the information were true. This was a situation that might have resulted from the cultural differences between the individuals involved. Both of the parties divulged their BATNA fairly early in the process, which according to our discussions should have never been revealed. This may be due to lack of experience. However, either fortunately or unfortunately both
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