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Feed back: Texoil represenatative As an independent station owner you played a great role. You wanted to sell your gas station to fulfill your lifelong dream to go for a boat trip. Right : You were honest to tell me your actual expenses that you are visualizing to be incurred in this trip, like the price you have to pay to buy the boat, your everyday expenses like food, beverages etc. while you are on the trip. When you come back you need a place to stay, a job to meet have a living, health insurance etc. etc. . having said that you were trying to justify the price you are asking for. You also emphasized on the location of the gas station, no competitors in that area, your old equipment runs very well till present, you and your spouse earn 75K/anum as your salary working in that station. There is still space to put a minimart to attract more people.
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Unformatted text preview: Wrong; I being the taxoil representative, put myself on your position and tried to relate things as if I am selling and wanted to analyse the value for the price. Seeing the location, competitors, worth of the property etc. I offered you a value of 450K immediately and highest I can go basing on company rule is 500K, which is my limitation in absolute money deal. This value was not acceptable to you and you started positional bargaining hoping that I can still go further up. But, probably we should have come up with other alternatives like …may be a job offer in the gas station when you come back and if you are willing to work as a manager still, coverage for your health insurance while you are on the boat trip, so that we could have negotiate a better price even lower than 500K and combine all other benefits....
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