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feedback 2 (job negotiation)_Notes

feedback 2 (job negotiation)_Notes - the most part There...

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Feedback I felt like this was a very smooth and trouble-free negotiation. We were very honest, which led to beneficial outcomes for both of us. You came in focused and ready to start. You didn’t want to beat around the bush and went straight to talking numbers. Your willingness to sacrifice some of the less important factors made me more comfortable and led to more compromise on my part, at least in the first settlement. I also thought that you made an excellent choice by presenting the idea of further negotiations after we had an agreement. Your easygoing mannerisms made the process a lot easier and ultimately led to an even better deal than the first settlement. You did an excellent job for
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Unformatted text preview: the most part. There were however a few areas where I think you could have done a better job. An example would be your quickness in accepting a rejection of your offer by me. This led me to be more assertive when rejecting an offer of yours and helping me get better deals. I also felt that once you were able to reach your minimum goal of matching your other job offer, you relaxed a lot more. You stopped trying as hard to tip the scale more in your favor. As we agreed before it was a great negotiation exercise and we were both happy with our respective outcomes. Others struggled a bit more with this assignment, and I think that shows that overall our methods worked to a high degree....
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