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Feedback from bullard houses buyers_Essay

Feedback from bullard houses buyers_Essay - took the time...

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Re: Peer Feedback-Bullard Houses Overall, I think you both did a good job of maintaining your position and getting more money out of us. By starting out with a high asking price, you framed the bargaining zone relatively high and therefore put yourself in a better position when negotiating on price. At points throughout the negotiation, however, I was confused as to what your priorities were. At some points it seemed that price was the main issue, and at other times it seemed like you were more concerned with what we were going to change on the property. You elicited a promise to draw out specific limitations to the changes we were going to enact, but we never
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Unformatted text preview: took the time to enumerate them. I was also confused over the payments over many years with a 13% (or 15%?) interest rate, as I didn't know why you would want such a long payment period. I think that if you justified your requests more explicitly, we would have been more willing to meet your terms. Overall you both did a very good job, as evidenced by the relatively high-negotiated price compared to others in the class. To improve, I would recommend presenting your requests in a more logical, prioritized fashion to ensure that requests and concessions don't get forgotten and fall through the cracks....
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