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AEM230SamplePaperTopics_Notes - for Floating Rates”...

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AEM/ECON 230 PAST PAPER TOPICS “The Effects of NAFTA on U.S. Labor Markets” “Is NAFTA Bad for the Environment? The Evidence from Mexico” “Import Substitution in Developing Countries” “Anti-trust Law and Safeguard Actions as an Alternative to Dumping" (in the U.S. and Canada) “Should the U.S. Have Granted Permanent Normal Trade Relations to China?” "International Trade and Human Rights in China: Are They Connected?" “The Uruguay Round Agreement and Agricultural Trade: the Benefits and Costs to Developing Countries” "Trade and the Environment: Tuna and Turtles" “The Role of the IMF in the Asian Financial Crisis” “Exchange Rate Instability and Foreign Exchange Markets: the Case
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Unformatted text preview: for Floating Rates” “Debt Reduction and Africa” “Will the Euro Supplant the Dollar in Global Financial Markets?” "A Common Currency -- How Important to the Growth of the European Union?" "The Role of International Trade in China's Economic Growth" “’Dollarization’: Can it Work to Stabilize Latin America Economies?” “How International Trade Worsens Income Inequality” "U.S. Immigration Policy -- Good or Bad for America?" Many papers on "The role of international trade (or changes in trade policy) in the economic growth of country X" Many papers on past financial crises in: Korea, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, etc....
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