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AEM 437 Innovation Strategy Applied Economics and Management Prof. Aija Leiponen Assignment 1: The Greatest Technological Challenge of Our Time Let’s get started by thinking BIG about technology… For this first individual assignment , please think about and do research on what you view as the most important technological (and for now unresolved) challenge of our time . Write a 2-4 page essay on the following aspects: 1. What exactly is the challenge and why is it important? 2. Why are the earlier/existing solutions to this need insufficient? 3. Why do you think the challenge has not already been solved? 4. Are there existing commercial entities in this space trying to develop solutions? 5. What kinds of technologically feasible
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Unformatted text preview: (based on your research) business opportunities exist in this area? In other words, try to meld your personal assessment of where the world is going with your research on the technological and business potential of the area that you identify. Remember to provide clear citations for any facts, ideas, and opinions you reference that are not your own – all the text that you borrow directly needs to be in quotation marks and associated with a proper citation. Bring your essay to class on Thursday, Jan 31, or to Nancy Trencansky’s office 102 Warren Hall by class time if you can’t attend (see the syllabus about penalties for turning assignments in late)....
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