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AEM 437 Innovation Strategy Teresa Amabile: How to Kill Creativity Read the paper by Amabile in the course packet and write max. 1 page miniessay about this topic analyzing creatively the following elements: 1. The three components of creativity are identified and discussed in this reading. How could you, as a manager, support each of these in your organization? 2. Describe two situations in which you were motivated (a) extrinsically and (b)
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Unformatted text preview: intrinsically. In which situation did you work harder? 3. What may be the problem with relying solely on monetary rewards, such as option schemes, to motivate employees to learn and innovate? This paper is due in class on Thursday, 2/5, or by 1:25pm the same day in Warren 102. This is to be done individually , not in teams or pairs....
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