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Case_8_D_Wave_Systems_Essay - D-Wave Systems The business...

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March 30, 2008 D-Wave Systems The business model of D-Wave Systems is based heavily on their patent portfolio’s worth. If superconducting electronics emerges as the dominant design for quantum computing D-Wave Systems will stand to reap great benefits. However, if this is not the case, the company will most likely become less desirable to current and potential future investors and may fail eventually. The intellectual property rights are the backbone of the company’s patent portfolio and viewed as their most valuable assets until the development of a centralized research and development facility. The current open innovation strategy utilized by D-Wave has many benefits, the first of which is the low costs. Through this strategy the company can utilize multiple scientists at each institution and pay for a part of their research as opposed to employing full time scientist and funding all of their research. Also, under their current agreements with the scientists, the company can terminate contracts and cut their losses at any time as
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