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AEM 437 Innovation Strategy Case 8 D-Wave Systems: Building a Quantum Computer Read Ch. 8 in Chesbrough’s Open Innovation, Ch. 9 in Schilling’s Strategic Management, and the D-Wave Systems case from the course packet. Write max. 1 page paper on the IPR strategies of D-Wave focusing on the following questions: 1. How do intellectual property rights play a role in the business model of D-Wave Systems? 2. What are the benefits of the current “open innovation” strategy for D-Wave, and
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Unformatted text preview: how would centralization of research to an in-house facility change those? 3. How is management of intellectual property different under the collaboration network approach relative to the possible in-house research approach? 4. Do you think the company should bring the collaborative research network in-house? Why or why not?...
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