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AEM 437 Innovation Strategy Prof. Aija Leiponen Final Team Project This is your team’s opportunity to pull the various concepts and models from class together in an analysis of a real business situation. The report should be max 20 pages (double-spaced) including references. The deadline for handing in the report is May 14 4pm. The usual late policy applies. I have invited a number of Cornell University technology based startups to participate in these projects. These firms and entrepreneurs are available for your project on a first come first serve basis. Teams who are interested in working with one of these university startups should email me with their top 3 choices and I’ll try to assign firms to teams according to your preferences. The firms that have agreed to work with us include: 1. Mezmeriz: MEMS-based HD microprojectors 2. Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems: business simulation software 3. Widetronix: SiC wafers and devices (semiconductors) 4. OptiGen: DNA-based diagnostics for dogs 5. Tetragenetics: therapeutic proteins and vaccines using Tetrahymena 6. Primet Precision Materials: Nanoscale particles We’re still trying to find 3-4 more companies. Alternatively, your team can try to get access to some other firm, which can be either local or located elsewhere if you can coordinate a visit there, and obtain permission to interview and study the firm. Personal connections or Cornell alumni may be helpful. In introducing yourselves try to reassure your contact that the purpose of your study is strictly educational, you have no connections to any of their competitors, and that the report will be presented only once, orally, to your classmates. You can even offer to
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/19/2009 for the course AEM 4370 taught by Professor Leiponen,a. during the Spring '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Final_Exam - AEM 437 Innovation Strategy Prof. Aija...

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