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group assg 4 q # 2_Solutions

group assg 4 q # 2_Solutions - improvement upon an existing...

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Prior Art Database centralizes published technical disclosures and allows them to be searched by patent examiners on a daily basis. The database allows clients to improve their IP processes and gain more value from their innovations by making them broadly accessible to patent examiners as well as providing extensive protection in case of legal disputes. The database acts solely as a means of technical disclosure as opposed to a legal patent. Companies use this database in a number of different situations where they do not want to obtain a patent. An example would be when the innovation is merely an
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Unformatted text preview: improvement upon an existing patent or the company feels that there are no potential monetary benefits that can be realized from the innovation in the future. Furthermore, clients can include (protect) as much information as they see fit on this database as opposed to being limited by size and editorial decision when publishing in industry journals. Clients may also use the anonymity feature of the database, in turn keeping their competitors from gaining access to their research....
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