intro_Notes - is a Newark New Jersey based...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon is a Newark, New Jersey based Internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming with approximately 200 employees. The company was incorporated in 1995 in Delaware, published the website in 1998, and held its IPO on July 21, 1999. provides downloads of audio files in its proprietary .aa format, which encapsulates sounds encoded in MP3 or ACELP. The website prevents unauthorized playbacks through the means of passwords that can be used on upto 3 computers at a time. In 2003 Audible made an exclusive deal with Apple to provide their catalog of books on the iTunes Music Store. The software Audible Air was launched in 2005, making it possible for usres to download audio books wirelessly and directly to devices such as a smartphone or PDA. The software downloads new chapters automatically and deletes them after they have been listened to. There are currently over 230 models of audio players, PDAs, mobile phones, and other streaming media devices that are compatible with Audible audio files. Devices that do not have
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This note was uploaded on 02/19/2009 for the course AEM 4370 taught by Professor Leiponen,a. during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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intro_Notes - is a Newark New Jersey based...

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