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Kodak Questions: 1) In 2000 Kodak vowed to become a leader in digital cameras, and now you are the leading firm in the market, what was the one key innovation that you would attribute this success to? 2) There has been a recent business remodeling in Kodak, turning away from digital cameras and focusing on its online photoe sharing services and photo organizational products, do you personally think that this model will actually yield higher returns in the long run? 3) I was hoping you could explain the new panchromatic sensor technology and if you foresee any problems with its adoption in the market seeing that the similar technology that Foveon (x3 sensors) introduced a few years ago has failed tobe widely adopted due to its high production costs… 4) Why would a company like kodak do research in human-computer interactions? 5) I know that you and Ed Covannon coinvented the ingestible RFID tag, given your knowledge on the subject I wanted to get your views on privacy issues that arise
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Unformatted text preview: with the use of the RFID chips in the new Real ID act that’ll be in effect in 2010. Also, what do you think Kodak needs to do in order to expand its healthcare market share to include the RFID tags, given that you face competitors such as 3M, Ibm, and even Fujitsu? Guest speaker writeups Based on Paul Carpenter's or John Spoonhower's guest lectures, you can write one more "case" paper focusing on the following questions. If the speaker doesn't discuss these aspects, you can ask about these issues during the Q&A. 1. What is the key strategic challenge on which the guest speaker's company is currently focusing? 2.How are they addressing this challenge? 3. Your Question Here: What do you think is the most important question related to these guest speakers' areas of expertise (Mr. Carpenter: IPR and standards; Dr. Spoonhower: university alliances)? Based on the lecture, attempt to answer the question, and prepare to ask your question if it doesn't come up otherwise....
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