Midterm_II_Exam - MIDTERM EXAM II April 8 2008 You can...

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MIDTERM EXAM II April 8, 2008 You can reference your lecture notes, textbooks, slides, and cases when writing your paper, but do not search online for additional material. All the necessary additional materials are attached. Also, do not discuss these questions with your classmates. Any signs of breach of academic integrity will be thoroughly investigated. Answer all the questions. The three short questions are worth 5 points each. The essays are worth 10 points each. Make sure you read the question carefully and answer all parts! Short questions: 1. a. In what ways can firms protect the value of their intellectual assets? b. What types of intellectual assets do each of these mechanisms protect? Patent – protects an invention (process, machine, variety of a plant, manufacrured item, or design for a manufactured item). Trademark / service mark – protects word or symbols intended to distinguish the source of a good/service. Trade dress - protects the visual appearance of a product, packaging, or even building. Copyright – protects an original artistic or literary work (works of authorship). Trade secret (utilizing contractual agreements) – information that as long as kept secret offers distinct advantages to the company in form of economic rent (company has to make a distinct and reasonable effort to keep the information a secret). 2. In the light of your own example, how are the choices of revenue model, value chain, and competitive strategy related? The value chain utilizing outside R&D for a cellphone company can in turn
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/19/2009 for the course AEM 4370 taught by Professor Leiponen,a. during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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Midterm_II_Exam - MIDTERM EXAM II April 8 2008 You can...

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