2008_04_03_Solutions - Command-and-control regulations...

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Unformatted text preview: Command-and-control regulations: mandates that directly control the quantity of pollution released by 1. each source. 3 'E procedural or‘technology ma dates r‘u‘Lfls é" fever or]; o ’ so’uroeéspecific emission limits V. lee-J or colon?“ culfi‘} lino"; in Advantages of Economic Incentives (Fees, Marketabiei Permit Programs, Liability) fllxougl?‘ ’[llito V0; 7 l Let! e; (~5in aw" 9"?“ a I I L/ , c4,’v€ [hazy-$69 Less this re" J Kcluto: DUL juc,9.’.r of ,6 [691173. Jo P6 !/!G3I€V Advantages of Command and Control ‘Q’ ~ 3"“? F raw é‘w'io'alg r euxcs. " F ' , £0319? “i6 Riff." €§‘&7!Ifith€¢ arms? ... “writ! 392/ > f‘f’/"C4 /~a 0.01.31.» no alum do .v-uow 7 Q0 Jan: 07 3 ‘3} Pa‘!n“‘ W! I346" 43, Profaa ' r ongroqot '3...) 7"; [Uzi-941" loll-03 7rom l9? 7. p «of/qt.” b to? fuaufwau: u‘o 94»93Q3 to! re thbqfo u.“- r. “ any?“ {lam a.) a: (anhtagfa'ad lonuoo pue puewwoa JO safieweApv 3,011.." '0‘".qu «0335,33, uafla, 7333 of angina”? "nu-gr») (anvi— 4300 1.90 [by Jaw-J 39:41 “($33.3 ~n/Hua f arrange? Sxauaalrujja (1'9 (Amman ‘swmfimd unwed alqmemew ‘saed) saAnuaaul agwouoag JO safiewmpv ...
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2008_04_03_Solutions - Command-and-control regulations...

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