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prelim_2007_Exam - First Exam AEM 451/Econ 409...

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First Exam: March 13, 2007 AEM 451/Econ 409, Environmental Economics Please, write your name below and on the cover of the blue book, and initial the upper right-hand corner of each page of this exam sheet, read each question carefully before writing your answer, show all of your work — I award partial credit — use back of page or blue book if necessary (if you have to make any assumptions, please provide them), write legibly, concisely, and coherently, no looking at other exams or communication of any sort, you may use an instructor provided calculator if necessary, do not hesitate to ask questions regarding this exam, the exam period ends at 4:10 PM, and return exam questions and answers before leaving. NOTES: The exam period is 75 minutes, and there are 75 points. If you wish, you may use the problem point allocation as an indicator of how to allocate your time. We have approached some of these problems graphically in class or in our reading. Feel free to use graphs if they are helpful to you. Please read and sign to indicate agreement. If you are missing a page, let Dan know. “I have checked and there are, including this page, ___ 7 ___ sequentially numbered pages in this handout. Further, in signing below I agree to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity with respect to this exam.
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