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Datavision Case Study_Essay - March 4, 2008 NBA 515...

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March 4, 2008 NBA 515 Datavision Case Study At first glance the biggest problem that Datavision faces may seem to be it’s troublesome financial situation. However, the main problem is not the financials, but the high turnover ratio that leads to the less than expected net sales and the inevitable eroding of the backlog. The higher than industry turnover ratio can be attributed to low morale of the employees and lack of cross-organizational collaboration. The bad financial numbers are also a direct result of poor level of collaboration. The causes of this problem are the absence of trust between the six top-level managers of the organization, their conflicting managerial styles, as well as the poor decision-making policy of the company. The lack of a solid decision making policy can be mainly attributed to the managerial as well as leadership styles of President Larry Campbell. His description of his own perfectionist tendencies, hesitation to allow others to make decisions, and tendency to make assumptions explains the confusion factor among the employees. Larry
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Datavision Case Study_Essay - March 4, 2008 NBA 515...

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