Jaenne Lewis (Staples Case)_Essay

Jaenne Lewis (Staples Case)_Essay - March 4, 2008 NBA 515...

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March 4, 2008 NBA 515 Jeanne Lewis at Staples, Inc. Given the young age at which Ms. Lewis began working at Staples she managed to show that she is a great manager and an exemplary leader. As discussed the article titled “What Leaders Really Do”, a good manager must be a skillful in judging an individual’s skill sets in order to better organize teams. Lewis shows that she is capable in this regard when analyzing the work done by Sarah Robbins and realizing that Judith Shapiro would be better suited for the VP of direct marketing and small business position. Lewis was also able to recognize the talents of two of Robbins’s employees and understanding that they would be better utilized if they traded responsibilities. Lewis also exemplifies great control and problem-solving abilities through the initiative she took as she changed departments. She was able to quickly gain the respect of the members of the merchandising department, even though she was not experienced in the area, in turn giving her control over her otherwise distrustful employees. Also, she used her engaging personality and desire to dig deep to inspire dialogue and solve problems more effectively. Lewis fails however in showing her planning and budgeting skills throughout
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Jaenne Lewis (Staples Case)_Essay - March 4, 2008 NBA 515...

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