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MBTI - ESTJ March 6, 2008 E - Extravert – external/exterior, talks throughts out, breadth, involved with people, things, interaction, action, do-the- I - Introvert – internal/interior, keeps thoughts in, depth, work with ideas, thoughts, concentration, reflection, think- do-think General population – 52/48 in favor of E Management/executive class – 60/40 in favor of E Perceiving S – Sensing – present orientation, what is real, practical, facts, perfecting established skills, utility, step-by-step, the five senses N – Intuition – future possibilities, what could be, theoretical, inspirations, learning new skills, novelty, insight-by-insight, the sixth sense, the hunch GP – 55/45 - S MC – 60/40 - S Deciding
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Unformatted text preview: T Thinking logical system, head, objective, justice, critique, principles, reason, firm but fair F- Feeling value system, heart, subjective, mercy, compliment, harmony, empathy, compassionate GP 50/50 MC 75/25 T Living J - Judging regulate, control, settled, run ones life, set goals, closing off, organized P Perceiving flow, adapt, tentative, let life happen, seek options, opening up, flexible GP 55/45 - J MC 60/40 J Term derail: move larry aside and bring someone else in to take president/ceo role Management class is always STJs, E or I. Problem - No diversity homo-social-reproduction mono culture weaknesses are big time at such firms....
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mbtinotesP_Notes - T Thinking logical system, head,...

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