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NBA 515 Leadership Theory and Practice Spring 2008 Classroom: Sage Hall, Room B-6 Instructor: Michael J. Hostetler Teaching Assistant: Max Feil [email protected] [email protected] 255-7362 607-379-2991 This course will focus on the challenges of effective leadership in a complex world. The course has five significant parts: 1. Exploring historical and contemporary theories and models of leadership through the required text and selected articles; 2. Examining and applying the Johnson School’s Leadership Model, 3. Analyzing the practical challenges of leadership through case studies; 4. Developing self-awareness of the student’s leadership strengths and weaknesses through the use of behavioral instruments and group exercises and creating a personal action plan for improvement. 5. Developing key skills area – critical thinking, conflict management, decision- making, and change management. A critical element of this course will be the coaching and feedback students will receive on their own leadership styles and behaviors from their peers and instructor. The course will include selected readings (course pack available at the bookstore), role-playing, case studies, group exercises, and selected behavioral assessment
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NBA_515_Syllabus - NBA 515 Leadership Theory and Practice...

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