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Multiple choice (2 points each) 1. The person generally directly responsible for overseeing the tax management, cost accounting, financial accounting, and data processing functions is the: a. treasurer. b. director. c. controller . d. chairman of the board. e. chief executive officer. 2. A business created as a distinct legal entity composed of one or more individuals or entities is called a: a. corporation. b. sole proprietorship. c. general partnership. d. limited partnership. e. unlimited liability company. 3. When one shareholder sells stock directly to another the transaction is said to occur in the: a. dealer market. b. primary market. c. secondary market. d. OTC market. e. NASDAQ market. 4. You want to have $10,000 saved ten years from now. How much less do you have to deposit today to reach this goal if you can earn 6 percent rather than 5 percent on your savings? a. $555.18 b. $609.81 c. $615.48 d. $928.73 e. $1,046.22 5. The written, legally binding agreement between the corporate borrower and the lender detailing the terms of a bond issue is called the: a. indenture . b. covenant. c. mortgage. d. contract. e. call provision. 6. The form of bond issue in which the bond is issued without record of the owner’s name, with relevant payments made directly to whoever physically holds the bond, is called the _____ form. a. new-issue b. registered c. bearer d. debenture
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e. standard 7. The unsecured debts of a firm with maturities greater than 10 years are most literally called: a. bills. b.
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Practice_prelim_1_Solutions - Multiple choice (2 points...

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