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Agenda Introduction Our Business Model How We Operate Strategic Considerations Conclusion Introduction Belltower Books was started to give students another option when selling textbooks Factors: Increased internet penetration Online marketplaces Lack of competition History Started Spring 2004 Cornell 1 st campus, IC followed shortly thereafter 105 schools served Volatile results! What We Do Belltower Books will create the most convenient way to buy and sell textbooks for college students Our book buyers “come to you” and purchase all of your textbooks
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Our Business Model Competitors Belltower Books Student Bookstore Wholesaler Student Bookstore Student Belltower Student An Example Competitor Belltower BOOK Biochemistry $60 $48 Marketing $35 $35 Physics $25 $20 History of China $-- $5 Calculus $-- $.25 Pinhole Photography $-- $15 TOTAL $120 $123.25 How We Operate Our workforce is comprised of independent contractors Managers and buyers
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belltower_Presentation - Agenda Introduction Introduction...

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