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1 Competitive Strategy Game AEM 4240 Objectives To apply game theory and microeconomic principles to a realistic simulation of market competition To develop heuristics for setting a firm strategy in a world of uncertainty To promote strategic thinking—what would the other guy do? Background Game developed by Prof. Severin Borenstein at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business Game is core of Haas MBA strategy course Also played at Stanford Business School, Brown, University of Michigan, Wash U Olin School of Business, and many others Basic Setup Firms of 3-4 people will compete against 7 other firms Firms can enter any of 4 different markets Firms make decisions about market entry, capacity, and price each sales period
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2 What you’ll get at first Detailed rules which you must read very carefully (available today) A profile of each of the 4 markets your firm can enter and average costs for typical firms (available today) Private information about your firm’s costs
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csg_introduction_slides_Presentation - Objectives...

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