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Unformatted text preview: CORNELL UNIVERSITY APPLIED ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT AEM 4240 – Management Strategy Competitive Strategy Game Memo Assignment The purpose of the memos is for each team to describe and analyze concisely, but thoroughly, the strategy that the team has pursued and plans to pursue. Each group should prepare the memos jointly and should turn in only one copy. All members of the group will receive the same grade for the assignment. However, I will ask for peer evaluations and will make adjustments for any team member identified as a free rider. The format is a memorandum to the firm’s Board of Directors written as if you were the CEO. The Board is comprised of seasoned business leaders. You can assume they understand basic microeconomics but your arguments should include “plain English” explanations. That is, do not say, we priced at MC=MR. Instead say, “we increased production quantities until marginal costs began to exceed marginal revenue.” First Memo a. Summarize the way in which the team decided which market the firm should enter at the start of the game. a....
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csg_memo_instructions_ProblemSet - CORNELL UNIVERSITY...

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