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Unformatted text preview: CORNELL UNIVERSITY APPLIED ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT AEM 4240 – Management Strategy Competitive Strategy Game (CSG) Tutorial This tutorial (along with the answer key) walks you through how to make the initial decisions that you will need to make for CSG. This tutorial uses historical market demand and average cost data. When you make the actual decisions for CSG, you should follow the same steps, but use the cost data specific to your firm (which will also be available through the CSG site). Note before you begin: Questions A-D on this page ask about what you would do in each of the four markets in the CSG if you did NOT face any competition. While these calculations should help you to understand cost and demand conditions in these markets, you would be unwise to ignore your rivals, actual and potential, when playing the game. On the course web site you will find a CSG tutorial spreadsheet, providing historical data on market prices and quantities for each of the four markets in the CSG. These data supplement the data provided in the CSG instructions. quantities for each of the four markets in the CSG....
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